Tour de France 2014 - Ep. 1 - Directors Cut

Tour de France 2014 - Ep. 2

Two documentary episodes from Tour de France 2014 for
We Love Cycling. In the first episode we tried to search for the typical Tour de France field sign builders, which are well known from the broadcasts during the Tour races. Locals are very serious about these signs where they mostly promote their region. Then we met few other people on our jurney which were connected to the Tour and each of them were also using diferent kind of signs to cheer up the Tour.

Then for the second episode we went to meet the hard core fans to the moutain serpentines to get the idea, what's pushing them to wait days in caravan or tent by the road to see that 20 seconds of the race passing by.

Made for We Love Cycling.
Produced by Mustard.